You can’t be serious. Homework in weekly kids' language classes? Yes, we at Kinderklassen are serious, and this is why: 

The homework that we are slowly introducing at Rella's Spielhaus begins when the children turn 8-years old. We do not see this as additional work for the children, but rather the opportunity to start creating a conversation within the family about the child’s vision for his/her own learning goals around the German language and culture. Our goal with Kinderklassen (weekly German classes for kids 0 -11) is to create proficient young German speakers, readers and writers who understand the possibilities of going to study in a German-speaking country. 

This process can start with the understanding of the tests (offered i.e. by the Goethe Institute) which will pave the way for many possibilities for your child. These possibilities may include looking for a High School with German AP classes and very soon, your child might look at brochures of the University of Heidelberg, Hamburg or München. The opportunities are endless, and they all start with taking joy in the fundamentals through homework.

Try our Homework:

Take a book that you like to read in German to your child (let us know the name of the book) and try the following:

For our first assignment, we are looking at the various articles of nouns in Einzahl (singular) and Mehrzahl (Plural):

Der Baum - m. Einzahl                                                            Die Bäume - m. Mehrzahl

Die Sonne - f.                                                                               Die Sonnen - f. Mehrzahl

Das Problem- n.                                                                         Die Probleme - n. Mehrzahl

Can you please help your child identify 4 words of each “gender” and write them on a piece of paper? 

  1. Copy the words from the book on a the PDF below.
  2. Discuss its meaning (i.e. Is the sun masculine or feminine to you? (f. in German, m. in Spanish/French etc)
  3. Identify Einzahl and Mehrzahl and write it down.
  4. Why are certain nouns proceeded by des/dem/die? 


We are looking forward to your feedback! Download the assignment as a PDF below so you can work from home, and be sure to email us a video of your family completing the assignment and send it in! We will gladly feature it on Facebook and LinkedIn.