Steuben Parade — September 21st 2019


Please join us for our third year at the annual New York Steuben-Parade on September 21st!

We will be walking from 68th Street up to 88th Street on Fifth Avenue.

September 21st, 2019 — 12-2pm

Contact us to RSVP for the parade

Past Events:

St. Nikolausfeier — Sun. December 2nd 2018

Rellas Nikolaus-Santa.jpg

Each adult gets a $5 coupon towards drinks/food. We are sorry, drinks and food that you order are not complementary. There will be music in the air, arts and crafts and little treats on the tables. The children can bring their songs and verses and St. Nikolaus who will come from the most remoate Swiss Alps will read from his golden book. After singing a few songs for St. Nikolaus, we will see what kinds of Swiss/Austrian and German delights he will bring this year. each child will receive her own little Säcklein with Nikolaus Leckereien. Toward the end of the event, there will be ample time for the families to take pictures with St. Nikolaus.