Let's have fun at Rella's Spielhaus 

Who we are
Rella’s Spielhaus is proud to be the first licensed German Immersion Daycare in Manhattan. The program is full German Immersion with native German speaking early childhood teachers and care takers that are educated in the fields of Montessori, Pikler, bi-lingual/bi-cultural education, music and dance. We accommodate up to 12 children ages 10 months (very limited amount of babies can be accepted, sorry!) to 5 years.

Our mission
Our mission is to create a safe and inspiring first home away from home. We offer an individualized German language programs filled with singing, reading books, art projects, science and lots of movement and dance. The teachers specifically tailor the curriculum to the children’s different learning styles, while introducing first steps to socialization. 

Our believes
We believe that it is paramount to create a home-like environment where the youngest amongst us can take part in a “day-time-family”, speak the German language, and learn about and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Where we are 
Rella’s Spielhaus is conveniently located on 5th Avenue near 125th Street and connected to all major 125th Subway and Bus Stops. The spacious, newly renovated, loft like apartment offers great light, a private entrance as well as a private court-yard.

Opening hours  
Full Day: 8:30am–4:00pm
Half Day: 8:30–12:30pm (if there is availability)
Early Drop-off available from 7:30am (exceptions only, sorry!)

How to join
We are currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year. For more information and to schedule a tour of Rella’s Spielhaus, please contact us!

Who you meet
Rella’s Spielhaus is under the direction of Barbara Rellstab, an award-winning actor/singer/dancer and former Manhattan Real Estate Broker who is also the director of our Rella's Kinderklassen (former Lieder & Geschichten), a German language story time program with music for children from 3 months to 12 years. The Spielhaus Team also offers 13 consecutive weeks of Summer Camps every year as well as Holiday Camps. All teachers are native German Speakers and educated in the field of Early Childhood Education, Theater and Dance.

After meeting Barbara through her kids classes, we decided to send our 10 month old daughter to Rella’s. Four years later, she is a bright, joyful, expressive and compassionate bilingual 5 year old. We feel very fortunate to have been a part of Rella’s family.
— Reinhard & Sidney, parents of a 5 year old

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