Welcome to our YouTube Channel!

Rella's Spielhaus is proud to welcome our very own YouTube Channel! We have so many wonderful videos for our parents, bilingual families, early childhood educators, and anyone interested in learning the German Language!

Our videos include scenes and songs from our Daycare, homework material for our  Kinderklassen, kiddy yoga, and Summer Camp themes. 

We will continue to add to our collection of videos, and will be diving into many highly requested subjects. These will include:

  • Bilingual Families and common issues that arise
  • The exploration of how to keep your child's German alive when they eventually enter an English speaking school
  • The ever-prominent topic of testing
  • How to integrate the German language into your home in a fun and engaging way

Be sure to Subscribe to our channel so that you can catch all of our latest videos. And of course, if you know anyone that may benefit from our video topics, please share it with them!